Long Travel Moving Column Machining Center

IRUS Feels proud to announce that

We are First in India to launch its ...

Long Travel Moving Column Machining Center.

We IRUS Engineering Pvt. Ltd, feels proud to announce that, we are the First in India to launch its FIRST – LONG TRAVEL MOVING COLUMN MACHINING CENTER.

Industries that work with Robotics Gantries, Gantry Systems, Heavy Engineering, where machining of Large Components is required, IRUS make Long Travel Machining Center – fills the void space with its incredible Design,Spindle power and machine rigidity.

it’s a Must add machining center to your floor.

We IRUS offers Flexibility in machine accessories selection for affordable pricing.


  • Highly Rigid Casting Structure used for Higher accuracy
  • High precision parts are used for smooth and faster linear motion
  • Reliable ATC System
  • Designed for low maintenance, to increase production
  • Available with Fanuc / Mitsubishi / Siemens Control Systems.